RNYFC — PlanetTalk


App Verification by SMS

The PlanetTalk app uses SMS verification as part of the onboarding experience. This is a required step, so users that cannot verify are unable to use the app. SMS delivery speed and reliability is therefore paramount.

  • Wavecrest’s CREATE A2P Verification service was implemented using a set of simple APIs
  • Our CONNECT platform leverages direct SMS integrations with MNOs and premium carriers to ensure the highest levels of SMS QoS
  • Using Wavecrest CREATE custom development, a ‘Call Back’ fail safe was also introduced, as part of PlanetTalk’s onboarding process, for those thankfully very few occasions where the verification SMS, doesn’t reach its recipient
  • PlanetTalk’s onboarding conversion rates have increased to their highest levels since they launched
Wavecrest — PlanetTalk
Wavecrest — PlanetTalk
Wavecrest — PlanetTalk