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Wavecrest is building a brand new relationship between cloud communications providers and telecoms operators.

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What drives us

Our mission

Wavecrest is a global managed voice and messaging services company on a mission to bring trust, transparency and ease back to the voice market.

Manage and minimise the challenges of global voice. Simplify your pricing and reporting. Bring voice seamlessly to unified comms and cloud platforms.

Built by voice fanatics

Our platform

We bring telcos and cloud providers together through our flexible and scalable platform.

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Global reach

We streamline your telco infrastructure with quality domestic and international voice, guaranteed. And we bring deep connections in emerging markets across LATAM, Africa and Asia.


as a service

Solve your global regulatory and compliance needs through our automated Know Your Customer (KYC) processes.


Fraud detection

Our AI-powered tools and human expertise tackle the biggest problem in the voice industry: fraud. We reduce risk and protect your revenues.

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Voice You Can Trust

Fraud has become such a problem for the voice industry globally that we fear it threatens our collective future. In this report, we’ve set out our approach to tackling it, and our view on trust in telecoms more broadly – so we can build a brighter future for global voice services.

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Blending talent and skills
Blog post

Blending talent and skills

Our goal at Wavecrest is to build a brand-new relationship between cloud communications providers and telecoms operators – the two key parts of the voice ecosystem today.

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Why fixing KYC is key
Blog post

Why fixing KYC is key

When it comes to telecoms, trust is paramount. Part of the unique power of voice is that it can help establish empathy and build trust regardless of distance. But this also means that voice can be a potent tool for those looking to scam or defraud others.

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